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CNC Precision Production Machining

  • lFast CNC Machining and Production Screw Machining. Send us your drawings for a quick quote!!
  • 55+ Multi-Axis CNC Lathes and Mills¬†
  • 25,000 sq ft. Facility Located in West Chicago,IL
  • We serve multiple industries including: Hydraulic Cartridge Components, Pneumatic, Automotive, Fastening, Agricultural, Medical, and more!
  • Parts ¬†can be provided complete with Plating, Heat Treating, Grind, etc.
  • Assembly and Testing also available.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Call us today 1-630-692-1545 or e-mail us at

Production Machining - Medium to High Volume

Production machining is the core competency of Quantum Precision Machining. Our Engineering team plans lean work processes to optimize the efficient production of your parts. We can work with your engineers to optimize part designs for production machining. Muti-Axis Automatic CNC and Cam Operated Screw Machines are employed to effectively provide medium to high volume precision production machining.

What we do

CNC Production Machining utilizing multi-axis technology and advanced CAM software to provide High-Quality , Efficiently Made precision components.

Who we are

5S Lean Principles Advantage - Family owned and managed - ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Special services

PPAP Level III, Engineering Assistance, Value Added Services (assembly of components and testing)

Quantum Precision

Rapidly Growing Company

Years of experience
Parts Manufactured
ISO Certification

Our Continuous Improvement approach focuses on our clients' most critical issues, needs and opportunities. At Quantum Precision, we join hi-tech manufacturing equipment and highly trained dedicated employees. The results equal a reliable and responsive manufacturing company, that produces quality machined components that are second to none.

Send Us A Request For Quote

We look forward to your interest in having us machine parts for your company. Getting a quote is easy, just send us a drawing in: .pdf, .cad, .tif, .jpg or any common format. Email us at: or Fax us at: 1-630-692-1549.
You can also upload the file on to our Contact Form.

Please include your contact information, quantities needed and any company specifications that may apply to your drawing. We will promptly generate a quote and sent it back to you.