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Production Machining - Medium to High Volume

Production machining is the core competency of Quantum Precision Machining. Our Engineering team plans lean work processes to optimize the efficient production of your parts. We can work with your engineers to optimize part designs for production machining.

Muti-Axis Automatic CNC and Cam Operated Screw Machines are employed to effectively provide medium to high volume precision production machining.

Raw Materials

Quantum machines a vast varierty of materials. Depending on the volume, many times we can machine a part more cost effectively than having it molded, extruded, cast, stamped or otherwise fabricated.

Aluminum – 2011-T3 2017-T451 2024-T351 2024-T4/T351 6061-T6 , T651, T6511 6262-T9 6063-T52 7075-T651

Carbon Steel – C1018 C1045 C1117 C11L17 C1141 C1144 Stressproof® A311 Class B** C12L14 C1215 Fatigueproof® E.T.D. 150

Alloy Steel – AISI 4140 AND 41L40* AISI 4140 /4142 CF Q&T AISI 4140 Q&T TG&P AISI 4140 ANNEALED AISI 4140 /4142 – (MOD) Pre-Hardened AISI 4140 – AISI 4340 – AISI 4340 – AISI 6150 – HR Annealed AISI 8620 – AISI 86L20 Rounds – AISI 52100 (CF or HR) – KPM Super Square

Stainless Steel -300 Series Austenitic – Alloys: 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 308, 309, 310, 314, 316, 317, 321, 330, 347, 384 400 Series Martensitic – Alloys: 403, 410, 414, 416, 420, 422, 431, 440 Precipitation Hardening – Alloys: 13-8, 15-5, 15-7, 17-4, 17-7 nickel, martensitic or austenitic.

Brass and Copper – 110 Copper, 110 Silver-Plated Copper, 145 Tellurium Copper 147 Sulfur Copper, 314 Commercial Bronze, 316 Commercial Bronze 353 Flanging & Thread Rolling Brass, 360 Free Cutting Brass 464 Non-Leaded Naval Brass, 485 Leaded Naval Brass 544 Phosphor Bronze, 624 Aluminum Bronze, 630 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze 642 Aluminum Silicon Bronze, 792 Nickel Silver, 932 Bronze Bushing 954 Aluminum Bronze, Ampco


Lean Manufacturing - 5S Principles

Quantum has aggressively employed lean manufacturing principles since its inception. It has allowed us to reduce cost and lead-time to our customers. Continuous improvement and waste reduction is a philosophy that is ingrained in everyone at Quantum and it is one of our most core beliefs.


Quantum offers a fully supported Jit-Kanban service aimed at users of medium to high volume machined components and proprietary parts

Short Run

Section of machines to cover low volume. This allows any parts required in less than 1,000 lots to be tackled with the correct machinery i.e. quick to set up, and isolate the impact of low volume work from the general operations thereby ensuring that overall delivery performance is maintained. This has led to a marked reduction in the demand for changeovers on the conventional machines, shortening of the lead times for all machining sections by removing low volume demand from them, and more efficient secondary operation turning due to their ability to semi-automate additional operations where required.